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Contact us

Háttér Society
address: H-1132 Budapest, Csanády u. 4/B, Hungary
office telephone: (+36-1) 329-2670, (+36-1) 238-0046
fax: (+36-1) 799-8418
e-mail: hatter [kukac] hatter [pont] hu

Information and counseling hotline (every day from 6pm to 11pm):
137-37 (toll free); (+36-1) 329 3380
skype: lelkisegely
e-mail: lelkisegely [kukac] hatter [pont] hu

Counselling Service
e-mail: lelkisegely [kukac] hatter [pont] hu

Legal Aid Service
phone: weekdays 8am-8pm (+36-1) 6 333 454 or via the Information and Counseling Hotline
e-mail: jogsegely [kukac] hatter [pont] hu

HIV Hotline
phone: (+36-1) 6 333 455
e-mail: hivvonal [kukac] hatter [pont] hu

Archive and Library
e-mail: archivum [kukac] hatter [pont] hu

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