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Dr. Judit Szabó

Dr. Szabó Judit

member of the supervisory board

Economist. Born in 1949, graduated in 1972. Worked as scientific researcher, economical analyst, publishing editor and university teacher, currently retired. In 1993-1994 she participated in the founding of Szivárvány Társulás a Melegek Jogaiért (Rainbow Association for Gay Rights), although it was never officially registered. Founding member and former board member of Háttér Society for Homosexuals (currently Háttér Society). One of the organizers of the antifascist demonstration against the founding of the Hungarian Guard Movement (“egg” demonstration) and the Tarka Magyar demonstration in 2008. In the 1990s five of her partially gay-themed short stories were published in the periodical 2000, and several of her radio commentaries were aired in the Hungarian Radio. Her hobby is photography, her works were exhibited during Budapest Pride festivals and LIFT (Lesbian Identities Festival). One of the first people who have received the LIFT Award.


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