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Bíróság: kártérítést kell fizetnie az iskolának, amiért nem vették fel a leszbikus szülők gyermekét

In its binding decision the Metropolitan Court of Budapest ordered the Kispesti Waldorf School to pay 350,000 forints (c. €1,100) and its interests for having rejected the application of a student in 2013 after his mother told the school that the child was raised by two mothers. The plaintiff was represented by Háttér Society.

Bleeding Love

An international project aimed at investigating the causes and forms of domestic and dating violence against lesbian and trans women, as well as exploring good practices in preventing and providing support for victims. 

Új projektünk fókuszában a leszbikus és transz nők elleni családon belüli és randierőszak

Between February 2015 and January 2016 our association is implementing an international research and awareness-raising project on domestic and dating violence against lesbians and trans women with the support of the European Commission.

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