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Sajtóközlemény - EBH: Jogellenesen utasították el a transznemű álláspályázót

The Equal Treatment Authority found discrimination based on gender identity for the first time in a case concerning an employer’s rejection of a transgender job applicant. 

Bleeding Love

An international project aimed at investigating the causes and forms of domestic and dating violence against lesbian and trans women, as well as exploring good practices in preventing and providing support for victims. 

Új projektünk fókuszában a leszbikus és transz nők elleni családon belüli és randierőszak

Between February 2015 and January 2016 our association is implementing an international research and awareness-raising project on domestic and dating violence against lesbians and trans women with the support of the European Commission.

A transz patikus javára döntött a hivatal

In a recent decision the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of State has been ordered to issue a new pharmacy license to a trans pharmacist that does not contain reference to her birth name and gender.

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