Sándor Nagy | Háttér Society

Sándor Nagy

program director, Archive and library (1995-2020)

Born in 1969 in Budapest. Founding member of the Háttér Society (1995), former member of the board. Member of the Board of Supervision (2011-2012). Volunteer of the "Meleg Háttér" Hotline (1996-2008) and its coordinator (1996-2000; 2003-2005). Lecturer in LGBTQI Movement and Cultural History in the Hotline Training Program, co-editor of the training manual. Editor of Háttér Newsletter. Founder of the Háttér Archive and Library and program leader since 1995. Contributor of Mások magazine from 1997 to 2008. Received the Háttér Cultural Award in 2010.


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