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Between October 2019 and September 2021 Háttér Society is coordinating an international training and awareness raising project entitled CommonPoint - Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people.


  • improving the social inclusion of LGBTQI people by increasing the number of mental health services tailored to the needs of LGBTQI people
  • increasing the knowledge, skills and cultural competence of mental health professionals (school counselors, crisis hotline operators, employee assistance programs counselors, clinical psychologists) on the needs of LGBTQI people
  • developing innovative training tools, methods and an online platform for training mental health professionals
  • sharing good practices between LGBTQI organizations active in the field of mental health
  • facilitating cooperation between civil society organisations, education, healthcare and child protection institutions and professional organisations


  • developing a two-day in person training program (school counsellors, clinical psychologists, crisis hotline operators, social workers)
  • publishing a handbook for trainers with the training materials and guidance on training methods
  • a blended mobility training for professionals
  • developing a 16 hours online training program with mentoring
  • developing an online training platform
  • a train the trainer event to deliver in-person trainings and mentor online trainings
  • national seminars / conferences to promote the training programs

Project Partners: 

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The Erasmus+ programme provides a funding of EUR 175 220  for the whole project, of which EUR 63 115 covers costs in Hungary.


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