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HIV/AIDS program


In Hungary most of the people who are infected with HIV are from the LGBTQ community. For that reason, our association has been the organizer and participant of several HIV and AIDS prevention programs in the gay community and more widely since the day it was founded.

Through the Meleg Háttér (LMBTQ) Information and Counseling Hotline we try to provide information to all callers about the latest news of the HIV infections, AIDS-related diseases and of course talk about them with all those who are interested in the subject. At the HIV-line - which is available 24/7 - we try to give psychological support to those who are infected with the virus or are in the AIDS stage and would like to talk about it.

Telephone: (36-70) 949-7667 (András), (36-70) 949-7666 (Attila); email:

We have made information booklets with the purpose of prevention with the help of the National AIDS Fund, and in the recent years we have also compiled some brochures in which we described the most important rules of safer sexual intercourse. These can be found at the most popular and frequenly visited gay nightclubs and at other LGBTQ venues. See: publications.

Our association has participated in a research since June 2001, led by the Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR-Medical College of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, USA) and HIV prevention programs. We facilitate behavior changing programs among  young people (gays and heterosexuals) in order to cause a change in the attitude among sexually active people and to develop responsible behavior.  About these programs see: programs to promote behavior change, Condom machine program.

We are regular organizers and participants of  World AIDS Days and international AIDS Conferences. Our association is a founding member of Civil AIDS Forum (CAF), which includes several non-governmental organizationsl. See: public appearances..

In this section we try to show our association’s work with HIV/AIDS prevention. Among others we show our previous programs, in another chapter we review information about safer sexual contact, HIV-infection and AIDS related diseases, as well as the contacts of  screening and counseling advisor services, which is useful not only for members of the LGBTQ community, but for anyone living in a heterosexual relationship who wishes to protect their health.

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