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International workshop on hate crimes

Háttér Society held a workshop on victim-centered good practices that also consider intersectionality in hate crime proceedings

Within the Counter-Hate project, Háttér Society organized a two-day international workshop on 19-20 September 2023 in Budapest. The aim of the workshop was to review good practices already identified in the project that are victim-centered and provide an opportunity to consider intersectionality in proceedings initiated on account of hate crimes. In addition to representatives of partner organizations, the event was attended by guests from all participating countries, representing public or non-governmental organizations implementing the good practices reviewed in the framework of the project and actors otherwise playing an important role in tackling hate crime. The plenary and small group discussions provided an opportunity to discuss the good practices presented by the stakeholders. The workshop included a detailed overview of the victim support work of the Spanish Federación SOS Racismo and Fundación Secretariado Gitano, the Lithuanian hate crime reporting platform (Pranesk), the Italian OSCAD training for police officers, the Hungarian police investigation protocol, the Lithuanian working group bringing together various state actors working on hate crime and hate speech, the Greek network for the documentation of racist violence and the #hangosabbagyűlöletnél (Louder than Hate) campaign organized by Háttér. By working on a hypothetical case that combined elements of real cases, the participants developed a vision of what the ideal response to hate crimes should look like, prioritizing the needs of victims of hate crime and considering intersectionality.


The Hungarian report on practical experiences of helping victims of hate crime and how to improve the assistance offered them is available here.




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