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Elindult a Háttér Társaság angol nyelvű honlapja

The most important information about the organization and its programs, as well as news about recent developments on LGBT life in Hungary will be available online in English for visitors of the website.

Sajtóközlemény - Elmarasztalta a fürdőt az EBH a meleg pár zaklatásáért

The Equal Treatment Authority found a violation of law and prohibited the further continuation of the unlawful conduct in a case launched by a gay couple against a historic thermal bath in Budapest.

A transz patikus javára döntött a hivatal

In a recent decision the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of State has been ordered to issue a new pharmacy license to a trans pharmacist that does not contain reference to her birth name and gender.

The Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary considers it extremely harmful that the United Nations will not declare its support towards people, discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary considers that statement entitled „On Homosexuality” issued on 4th January 2004 by the Faculty of Theology of Károli Gáspár Calvinist University maintains severe discrimination.

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