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Between September 2019 and January 2021 Háttér Society is coordinating an international research, training and awareness raising project entitled Open Doors: Promoting Inclusive and Competent Health Care for LGBTI People.


  • Reducing discrimination against LGBTI people in the field of health
  • Increasing the number of health professionals providing inclusive and competent health care for LGBTI people
  • Raising awareness among health professionals on the needs of the LGBTI community
  • Raising awareness in LGBTI community on discrimination in healthcare
  • Foster cooperation between LGBTI NGOs, professional organizations and medical universities


  • Conducting needs assessment research among health care professionals and decision-makers
  • Publishing a short guide and a handbook for health care professionals
  • Trainings held at medical universities for students
  • In service trainings for practicing health professionals
  • Developing and delivering e-learning course
  • Online video awareness raising campaign via videos
  • International conference

Project partners:


The Rights, Equality and Citizenship program of the European Commission provides a funding of EUR 249,878 for the whole project, of which EUR 63,344 covers costs in Hungary. The Municipality of the 9th District of Budapest provides a further funding of 500.000 HUF for our organization.

European Union  Municipality of Ferencváros

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