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The Situation of LGBT Families in Hungary

The Situation of LGBT Families in Hungary

An English language publication about the legal and social situation of same-sex couples raising children in Hungary prepared jointly with Inter Alia Foundation. The starting point of the report is that so called "rainbow families", that is same-sex couples who raise children, are part of Hungarian social reality, more and more same-sex couples raise children in Hungary even if legal restrictions are in place. Because of the discriminatory legislation on assisted reproduction and adoption these families are put at the risk of legal uncertainty.

The legal analysis is complemented by an overview of the everyday experience of discrimination suffered by same-sex couples raising children. This part of the report is based on the interview research conducted by Inter Alia Foundation among same-sex couples raising children. More detailed results of the research are available in two publications by the Foundation available in Hungarian.

The report was launched at the conference of the Network of European LGBT Families Associations.

The publication of this report was supported by the National Civil Fund.

September 2010
12 oldal

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