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April 2011

Annual report about hate crimes against LGBT people in Hungary in 2010

The Situation of LGBT Families in Hungary
September 2010

An English language publication about the legal and social situation of same-sex couples raising children in Hungary prepared jointly with Inter Alia Foundation.

Háttér Support Society for LGBT People
April 2010

Short English language flyer about our organization, our aims, programs and contact details.

Social exclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Hungary
January 2008

English translation of the final report of the LGBT Survey 2007.

The report analyzes what impact the legislative restrictions adopted in fall 2020 had on adoption by same-sex couples and LGBTQI people. 

The report analyzes the impact of the abolition of the Equal Treatment Authority and the transfer of its powers to the Commissioner of Fundamental Rights on tackiling discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and on the legal protection of LGBTQI people.

What can employers do? COVID-19 Impact Report on Women, LGBTQ+, Roma & Disabled People

Háttér Society has partnered with WeAreOpen, Amnesty International Magyarország, Bagázs Egyesület, and Salva Vita Alapítvány to create the “What can employers do? COVID-19 Impact Report on Women, LGBTQ+, Roma & Disabled People”. 

These are our publications available in English, for a full list of publications see:

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