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Legal guide for LGBTQI foreigners in Hungary
February 2023

This short guide provides information for non-Hungarian citizens who wish to visit Hungary or are planning to move to Hungary for a longer period. Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) community may face particular challenges in this process. This guide answers the questions that most often arise in their cases and describes the practice in Hungary regarding legal entry and residence.

Information in this guide is for those non-Hungarian citizens who want to visit Hungary, or plan to move to Hungary for a longer period of time. Members of the LGBTQI community may face specific challenges in this process, and the present guide aims to provide answers to the most frequent questions, and also introduces you to the current practice of the authorities regarding legal entry and residence.

Sajtóközlemény - Alkotmánybíróság: alapvető jog a transznemű emberek nemének jogi elismerése

The lack of legislation on legal gender recognition and related name change for foreigners permanently residing in the country is unconstitutional – ruled the Hungarian Constitutional Court. The petitioner, an Iranian trans man was represented by the legal aid service of Háttér Society.

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