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Colourful Childhoods - Empowering LGBTIQ children

Between February 2022 and 2024, Háttér Society is coordinating a training, developmental and awareness-raising project across Europe entitled Colourful Childhoods - Empowering LGBTIQ children in vulnerable contexts to combat violence across Europe

A kiadvány fedőlapja
November 2019

The report responds to the following key questions:

Diversity and Childhood - Sokszínűség és gyermekkor

Between October 2019 and September 2021 Háttér Society is implementing an international training, capacity building and awareness raising project entitled Diversity and Childhood - Changing social attitudes towards gender diversity in children across Europe.

Common Point Tevékenységünk
Common Point logo

Between October 2019 and September 2021 Háttér Society is coordinating an international training and awareness raising project entitled CommonPoint - Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people.

Accommodating the needs of the victims of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes - Toolkit for The law enforcement bodies
January 2016

This publication is meant as a practical and useful support for stakeholders who are involved in all the formal and informal procedures in which crime victims are present and might require special attention. The toolkit was elaborated to serve as a useful instrument for all relevant representatives of public authorities, including justice system and any other professionals who are or might be involved in contact with victims of crime motivated by sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression grounds.

Understanding the needs of persons who experience homophobic or transphobic violence or harassment - The impact of hate crime
January 2016

This report draws out key findings from the study concerning the needs of persons who experience homophobic and transphobic violence and harassment, and the extent to which those needs were addressed by the criminal justice systems in Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania

Speak Out: Hallasd a hangod!

Ongoing research, training and awareness raising project on anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime.

Anti-LGBTI hate crime in Europe
February 2019

Working papers on Research, Policy and Practice

English translation unavailable for Hate Crime: A Guide For LGBT+ People.
Running through Hurdles: Obstacles in the Access to Justice for Victims of Anti-LGBTI Hate Crimes (2018)
September 2018

The report sheds much needed light on the obstacles to the accessing justice faced by victims of anti-LGBTI hate crimes in the EU.

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