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WeAreHere 2018/19

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Itt vagyunk! 2018/19Hungarian LGBT Alliance, Rainbow Mission Foundation and Szimpozion Association is carrying out a joint project entitled WeAreHere: Improving the social acceptance of LGBTQI People in Hungary via community empowerment and awareness raising between January 1 2018 and December 31 2019.

Aims of the project:

  • improving the social acceptance of LGBTQI people;
  • encouraging LGBTQI people to come out;
  • fostering a supportive social environment around LGBTQI people, especially in schools, workplaces, and families;
  • fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • increasing the positive visibility of LGBTQI people.

Main activities of the project:

  • surveying social attitudes to LGBTQI people to identify effective messages to promote social acceptance;
  • training teachers, helping professionals and HR professionals;
  • sensitizing workshops at schools and workplaces;
  • community events for LGBTQI people and their families;
  • storytelling campaign;
  • campaigns to initiate open discussions on LGBTQI topics at schools and workplaces.

Activities Háttér Society carries out:

  • writing a guide on family acceptance;
  • organizing family days;
  • training of HR personnel at companies;
  • organizing sensitizing workshops at companies;
  • campaign promoting workplace acceptance.

The European Commission supports the project by 178,153 euros, of which the Háttér receives 29,883 euros. 

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