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Speak Out: Tackling anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime

Speak Out: Hallasd a hangod!

Háttér Society, together with Cavaria (Belgium), Bilitis (Bulgaria), LGL (Lithuania), FELGTB (Spain), Mozaika (Latvia), EHRC (Estonia), ILGA-Portugal (Portugal) and Galop (UK) is working on a project called Speak Out: Tackling Anti-LGBT Hate Speech and Hate Crime focusing on research and producing training materials between November 2018 and October 2020.

The objectives of the project are to assess the prevalence of anti-LGBT online hate speech, to promote best practices and develop a toolkit as a basis for law enforcement trainings on countering anti-LGBTQI hate speech and hate crime while respecting victims’ rights and needs, to raise awareness on anti-LGBTQI hate speech and on freedom of expression, to empower LGBTQI communities to encourage and facilitate reporting, and to stimulate the application of restorative justice and rehabilitation services in anti-LGBTQI hate speech and hate crime by sharing knowledge and best practices and by strengthening cooperation with police and justice officers, mediation services and other stakeholders.

As part of the project we: 

  • conducted research into LGBTQI people's experiences of online hate speech and hate crimes;
  • prepared a report and handbook on the practice of using restorative methods in case of hate crimes;
  • created a training toolkit that can be used in police training, including animated videos to prompt discussion on common police situations;
  • developed e-learning curriculum for police officers and probation officers;
  • created an information website aimed at victims.


The project is supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission; Háttér Society receives 30 816 euro of the funding.

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