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Strategic litigation

LGBT people in Hungary still face discrimination in the form of legislation in several fields of life. Due to the political situation, it is very unlikely to fight these discriminatory laws domestically. Háttér Support Society thus decided to turn to the European Court of Human Rights concerning several discriminatory legal provisions. 

In order to take these issues to international fora we need local cases and clients, so we started an internet and print campaign calling attention to the importance of strategic litigation and are looking for people concerned who would be willing to become our clients and take their cases to the international fora. 

If you are: 

  • a transsexual person seeking to participate in gender reassignment treatments, but lack the financial resources to cover them;
  • are in a lesbian partnership and wish to participate in assisted reproduction;
  • are a same-sex couples raising a child together and want both of you to be legal parent of the child;

and are willing to take your case to domestic and international legal fora, please contact us at the email address or the +36 1 6 333 454 phone number. 

Enough of the discrimination, let's go to court!

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