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LGBT Survey 2010

LMBT Kutatás 2010

Háttér Society in collaboration with the Institute of Sociology at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences conducted a survey research among LGBT people in Hungary in Fall 2010. The aim of the research was to get a better understanding of the situation of LGBT people in Hungary, their problems, opinions in order to help the work of civil society organizations and public bodies working in the field of equal opportunities. 

The questionnaire contained detailed questions on partnership and parenting, employment, health, education, religion, homophobic and transphobic violence, discrimination and legal awareness. A seperate section was devoted to the specific issues of trangender people. The questionnaire also contained questions to asses which issues the Hungarian LGBT community thinks are the most relevant to help LGBT civil society organizations deal with the real priorities of the community. 

The questionnaire was open for completion between September 15 and November 30 2010 via the internet and at LGBT venues. 

If you have any questions concerning the research, please send an email to

The research was made possible by the financial support of ILGA-Europe.

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