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If you think that the work of Háttér Society is important, please support us by donating to us. Recent years brought a significant drop in state support for NGOs in Hungary, so we need your support to carry on with our activities. By donating to us, you will help: 

  • the Information and Counseling Hotline to support more people facing difficult situations due to the coming out, conflicts with family or social environment or dealing with loneliness and life crises;
  • the Legal Aid Program to support more victims of discrimination, harassment and violance due to their sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • the Archive and library to document LGBTQI life in Hungary and make accessible knowledge on LGBTQI issues to students, scholars, journalists and policy makers;
  • the HIV/AIDS prevention program to reach more people with cheap and easy to access condoms to prevent sexually transmitted deseases, and provide support to more people living with HIV through our HIV helpline;
  • our training, awareness-raising and capacity-building activities to reach more members of the LGBTQI community and more professionals working with LGBTQI people. 

Regular monthly donation:

5000 Ft/month Go to online payments >>

2000 Ft/month Go to online payments >>

1000 Ft/month Go to online payments >>

One time donation:

Any amount Go to online payments >>

What do you need to know about Paypal online payment?

If you have a credit card suitable for online payment, you can easily pay online through PayPal.

PayPal is a well-established safe payment network, which operates in more than 100 countries. It focuses on users who want to pay on the internet. With PayPal you don’t have to provide your credit card data every time when paying online, but only once when you register on PayPal.

The other advantage of this payment is that the transfer occurs almost immediately and fees are much more favorable than the transactional fees at Hungarian banks.

Direct transfer:

You can also send your donation via bank transfer to this bank account:

Hungarian bank account number: 16200113-00266509
IBAN: HU32 1620 0113 0026 6509 0000 0000

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