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Social attitudes towards LGBTQI issues in Hungary. November 2023
May 2024

This report summarizes the results of a nationally representative public opinion poll conducted by the Median Public Opinion and Market Research Institute in November 2023. Háttér Társaság commissioned the research. The research covered topics such as the general framing of homosexuality, social attitudes related to coming out, support for marriage and parenting by same-sex couples, legal gender recognition for trans people, views on the so-called "child protection" law, and opinions about proactive measures by public bodies and employers.

In Hungary, marriages concluded by same-sex couples abroad are not recognized, but at the same time, it is possible for the same persons to establish a registered partnership after their marriage.

Sajtóközlemény - Jogerős: A magyar államnak is el kell ismernie a külföldi melegházasságokat bejegyzett élettársi kapcsolatként

Same-sex marriages conducted abroad have to be recognized in Hungary as registered partnerships - says in a binding decision the Regional Court of Budapest. The case was launched by an American-Hungarian lesbian couple, whose Belgian marriage the Hungarian authorities would not register. Háttér Society provided legal representation to the couple.

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