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HIV Hotline


Call our information line (+36-1-6-333-455), available seven days a week between 8am and 10pm, and our operators will be happy to answer all your basic questions about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The HIV Hotline is most frequently contacted for the following problems:

  • questions about the risk of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • increased concern following risky sexual behavior
  • availability and opening hours of HIV screening centers
  • issues related to the availability of HIV treatment
  • issues related to preventive drug therapies (PEP, PrEP)


+36 (1) 6333 455

Available every day of the year: 8-22 hours (Budapest fixed line rate; our English-speaking operator is available every Sunday).

Please note: the service is provided with the help of a small number of volunteers, so it may not be possible to answer a call immediately. In this case, please repeat the call after 30 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

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