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HIV Peer Support Service

HIV/STI , segítség
 HIV Segítő Szolgálat

The HIV Peer Support Service ( | application form) welcomes your application if you need personal help on any topic related to HIV and/or other sexually transmitted infections. However, you are also welcome to contact us if you are newly diagnosed or have been living with HIV for a longer period of time, whether you need personal support with getting into care or accepting your HIV status.

The HIV Peer Support Services volunteer helpers include people living with HIV and people who are not living with HIV. Important: HIV Support Services services, requiring personal presence are only available in Budapest!

You can contact HIV Peer Support Service in the following three main areas, but feel free to contact us in addition to these.

  • Accompanying to HIV screening: we welcome your application if you want to get tested for HIV/syphilis but don't know where to go or don't want to go alone.
  • Accompanying you to care: as you know, effective drug therapy can reduce the HIV virus to below the threshold level, keeping your immune system healthy and preventing you from passing on the virus. We are waiting if you are unsure of the next steps after receiving a positive result or do not want to go to the HIV care facility alone.
  • Counseling (personally or online): we welcome your application if you want to get accurate and up-to-date answers to your questions after receiving an HIV positive result, but you can also contact us if you have been living with HIV for a longer period of time and need personal help with your HIV status.


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