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Archive and library

archive, könyvtár
Archívum és könyvtár

[node:title] Since the founding of the Union we are collecting and organizing the books and articles or movies that are connected to gayness, their data and PR material or object memories.

On our webpage data about books, films and articles that are connected to the LGBTQI community will be downloadable.

We call our collection since 1997 Háttér Archive, its collection interest is the following:

1. Library

  • Literary works
  • Academic writings (cultural history, movement history, law, sociology, advocacy, art albums, HIV/AIDS etc.)
  • Ph.D. dissertations, thesis papers, essays,
  • periodicals

2. Media archive

  • Feature movies, documentary movies, short movies (VHS, DVD, elektronic form)
  • Radio and TV program recordings
  • Other media material

3. Press collection

  • Newspaper articles in original, copied or net-pasted versions
  • Newspaper articles in net-versions /since 2006/
  • Famous lgbt-personalities depicted in writings

4. Photo archive

  • LGBT-events, places, personalities, photos on paper or electronically displayed

5. Archived material

  • Documentation of  Háttér Society /community life, pedagogy, education, legal documents…)
  • Own publications of Háttér Society (books, publications, PR material etc.)
  • Hungarian LGBT civil organizations‘ material  (societies, foundations, clubs...)
  • Legal materials (laws, petitions, statements…)
  • HIV/AIDS-related material (publications, year-books etc.)
  • Materials on meeting-places, entertaining places (invitations, entrance cards, posters?…)
  • Materials of gay programs and events (festivals, film clubs, conferences, demonstrations…)
  • Festival posters, catalogues, program magazines
  • Movie scripts (fim dialogues in original and in Hungarian)
  • Descriptions and files of movies and moviemakers
  • Private materials, letters and inheritance materials, legacies
  • Foreign materials (organizations, newspapers, pamphlets, publications…)
  • PR materials, advertisements
  • Other short publications

The materials of the Háttér Archive are used for research purposes by scientific researchers as well as high school and university students for their works and dissertations, and by journalists for their articles.

We assist the work and PR activity of Háttér and other LGBTQI organizations  with press releases. Non-gay minority organizations and private persons have also worked from the materials of our Archives. The financial possibilities of our society do not allow us to have the Háttér Archive in its own building. This makes it impossible to operate it as an openly accessible library. Hence any interested person must schedule an appointment in advance.

In e-mail:, or at adresses.

The news and photos used on our webpage are considered to be part of the database of the Háttér  Support Society for LGBTQI People in Hungary, and hence they are under lawful protection due to the copyright law of 1999.  LXXVI. Act 84/A. §. It is not allowed to publish them in either original or rewritten form in any medium or to save them on any computer – except for personal non-commercial usage.

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