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Information and counselling hotline

Információs és Lelkisegély Szolgálat

Information and Counselling Hotline

Phone: (+361) 329 3380 (pay number)

             137-37 (toll-free from Hungarian)

SKYPE: segelyvonal

Every day  18-23 PM

Chat: http://chat.hatter.hu, Mondays and Wednesdays from 18 to 23 PM

Email: hotline@hatter.hu

Our anonymous hotline answers calls every day (including weekends and holidays) from 18 to 23 PM, especially in topics related to LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and intersexual) issues. 

Call us if

  • you have life problems related to your sexual orientation or gender identity (self-acceptance, identity crisis, problems with acceptance from your environment)
  • you experience abuse or discrimination in your family and social network
  • you have legal problems or questions concerning sexual orientation or gender identity
  • you would like to get information about LGBTQI cultural events, meeting places, other organizations and informal groups and forums
  • you are coping with problems in your partnership, including abuse or violence
  • you have questions about HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • someone among your family members or loved ones has a non-majority sexual orientation or gender identity
  • if you have any other problem you want to discuss, or just want to talk to someone anonymously.


Our service has been functioning since 1996. Our operators are volunteers, who compile a year-long, 170-hour annual training led by experts, which consists of a self-awareness group, theoretical and practical trainings and assistance to calls. The already active operators also participate in regular trainings.

The language of the service is Hungarian. However, depending on the volunteers, we can occasionally provide help in English, German, Romanian, Russian, and Slovakian, especially in written form.

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