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Training Toolkit on Anti-LGBT+ Hate Crime
February 2020

This toolkit prepared in the framework of the Speak Out international project provides methodological support for police training related to hate crimes. It provides a training agenda, specific exercises, animated videos that can be used in training, and background knowledge to trainers.

Common Point Handbook for Trainers
May 2022

The Common Point Handbook for Trainers provides guidance for trainers who would like to implement trainings for mental health professionals with the goal of improving the professionals' attitudes, knowledge and skills related to LGBTQI+ persons.

Speak Out: Hallasd a hangod!

Ongoing research, training and awareness raising project on anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime.

Projects Tevékenységünk

Projects delivering trainings to increase the sensitivity and competence of professionals and the awareness and capacity of LGBTQI communities

You are not alone! Tevékenységünk

The project implemented between March 2015 and April 2016 aims to increase the legal awareness of the LGBTQI community and the LGBTQI sensitivity of lawyers.

HateNoMore: A gyűlölet-bűncselekmények áldozatainak szükségletei

Research and training project on the needs of victims of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes.

Litigious Love: azonos nemű párok mediációja

A comparative research project to uncover experiences of mediation involving same-sex couples and to raise the awareness of mediators

Training Tevékenységünk

We regularly organize awareness raising trainings for members of the LGBTQI community; and sensitivity trainings for professionals working with LGBTQI people.

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