Headquarters of the National Tax and Customs Administration

The National Tax and Customs Administration announced to revise its earlier policy discriminating against same-sex registered partners in matters of inheritance and personal income tax.

Counterdemonstrators at Budapest Pride (, 2012)

Five men were found guilty of violence against a member of a community for attacking three participants of the Budapest Pride on July 6, 2013.

Hungarian Court awards compensation to lesbian mother whose child was rejected b

In its binding decision the Metropolitan Court of Budapest ordered the Kispesti Waldorf School to pay 350,000 forints (c. €1,100) and its interests for having rejected the application of a student in 2013 after his mother told the school that the child was raised by two mothers. The plaintiff was represented by Háttér Society.

György Budaházy (source -

György Budaházy and 14 other members of his extreme right wing group “The Arrows of the Hungarians” was sentenced to a combined prison term of 122 years for a series of terrorist acts committed in 2007-2009 with the aim to induce fear in the Hungarian public. The incidents included Molotov-cocktail attacks against two gay venues a few days before the 2008 Budapest Pride March.

Transgender people

The Equal Treatment Authority found discrimination based on gender identity for the first time in a case concerning an employer’s rejection of a transgender job applicant. 

Bleeding Love
[Labrisz beszélgetés]

As the last events of the one-year long project “Bleeding Love,” we participated in the closing international conference in Brescia, Italy and held a workshop at Labrisz Lesbian Association in Budapest.

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Information and counselling hotline

Our telephone service answers calls every day from 18 to 23. Among others, we can help you with life management difficulties, legal problems, HIV-related questions. It’s available at (1) 329 3380 and (80) 505-605 (toll free) phone number and on Skype: “segelyvonal” or at email address.

Legal aid

We offer free legal assistance in the case of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, harassment or abuse. Available at (30) 944 0765, at (80) 505 605 (toll-free) telephone number or at email address.

HIV hotline

The Háttér Support Society for LGBT people’s HIV-line answers calls 0-24 every day, since 2005. It was formed to help HIV-infected people and their mental health; to give support to accept their HIV-positive status; to give them information and help through the crisis.

Archive and library

Since the day of foundation, we have been collecting and organizing books, magazines, filmes, articles and other documents in LGBT themes. The Archive includes a more than 1200 volume library, a collection of press releases and archival materials. Available at email address.

LGBT literature and film database

Database of LGBT-themes movies and their main data that have presented in Hungary, and LGBT-themed  literary works published in Hungarian.

Will be available soon after database development!

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Regularly updated, LGBT-themed news from Hungary and from the world, in Hungarian: legal and political developments, cultural news, celebrity news.

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Hungarian LGBT organizations’ programs, database of cultural and community events or tv shows in gay topics, in a calendar database format.

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Report homophobia!

An online discrimination reporting interface that allows you to easily report discrimination, harassment or violence, or to ask for free legal help by our legal aid program, by filling a form.

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LGBTQI life in Hungary

Hungary is among the more tolerant countries towards LGBTQI people in Eastern and Central Europe, and with the second highest standard of legal protection afforded to them in the region.

Same-sex partnerships have been recognized since 1996, registered partnership granting same-sex couples rights similar to those of spouses has been in place since 2009, but same-sex marriage is not legal. Hungary has a comprehensive equal treatment legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in various fields of life including employment, education, health, housing and access to goods and services. Homophobic and transphobic hate speech and hate crimes are explicitly sanctioned by law. Trans people have access to legal gender recognition without compulsory medical treatment. Discriminatory laws, however, are still in place in the fields of parenting and public funding for gender reassignment treatments. 

In spite of the relatively favourable legal situation, LGBTQI people still face prejudice and discrimination in many areas of life. Most of them decide to keep their sexual orientation and / or gender identity secret, even to their family, friends and colleauges; there are very few out public figures in political or cultural life. Nearly every second Hungarian agrees with the statement that homosexuality is a sickness, and would rather not have a gay or lesbian neighbour. 

Since 2010, Hungary has a conservative government that significantly cut back on the rights of LGBTQI people. In 2011, they adopted a new Constitution that defines marriage as a union between a woman and a man and limits the notion of family to spouses and parent-child relationships. They adopted legislation on the content of education which does not include LGBTQI issues in school curricula, and introduced family education as a compulsory topic with homophobic and transphobic undertones.

There are several registered NGOs that work on advancing the rights and social acceptance of LGBTQI people; a Pride March has been organized every year since 1997. Budapest has a vibrant LGBTQI social life, with several gay and lesbian clubs, bars, restaurants, parties and sport events. LGBTQI social life is significantly less developed outside the capital, but most larger cities have regular parties or even venues catering specifically for the community.


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