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1995 Foundation of Háttér Society (with the name Háttér Friendly Society for Homosexuals) in Vaskapu guesthouse over Esztergom.

1995 Training of the operators of Háttér Support Hotline begins.

1995 The Association moves into its first office in Visegrádi Street.

1996 Launch of Háttér Support Hotline and Háttér Archive.

1996 Organization of IGLYO’s yearly Conference in Budapest

1996 The Association becomes a member of ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay, Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association)

1997 Háttér is the main organizer of the first Hungarian pride march.

1998 Launch of psychodrama self-awareness groups.

1999 The Háttér Hotline acquires a toll free number (06-80-505-605).

2000 Launch of Háttér Legal Aid service

2000 The 5th anniversary of the founding the Association is celebrated in Vaskapu guesthouse

2000 Launch of the first web page of the association under www.hatter.hu. People can contact us via e-mail (hatter@hatter.hu)

2000 After Amsterdam: Sexual Orientation in the European Union and Hungary. A publication translated by the Association.

2001 The Sziget Case. Thanks to the legal procedures initiated by the members of the Háttér legal program, the court annuls the contract trying to ban homosexuals from the festival.

2001 The name of the Association is changed to Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary.

2001 the Rainbow Mission Foundation is founded with Labrisz Lesbian Association and Lambda Budapest to organize the LGBT Cultural and Film Festival (later called Budapest Pride)

2001 Publication of Summary on the Discrimination of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in Hungary

2001 Joint research and HIV prevention program with Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR-Medical College of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, USA)

2002 The Legal Aid service wins the court procedure in the Sziget case.

2002 Publication of the book Now That You Know: A Parents' Guide to Understanding Their Gay and Lesbian Children – translated by members of the Association.

2003 The successful lobby activity of the Association contributes to the fact that Hungary becomes the first European country to explicitly ban discrimination based on gender identity in its anti-discrimination law.

2003-2004 Unique research of the Association entitled Transsexuals in Healthcare and Social Services System.

2004 Yearly Conference of ILGA Europe is organized in Budapest

2004 Condom machines of the HIV/AIDS program are installed in 12 LGBT clubs countrywide.

2005 Launch of the HIV Hotline available 24/7 for those who want to talk about HIV or AIDS.

2005 The first Háttér Award ceremony on the 10th anniversary of founding the Association. The cultural and public life award is given to people who do a lot for developing the Hungarian LGBT community.

2005 Publishing the book Tenyearbook - 10 years of Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary in the NGO World about the history of the association.

2005 Launch of Háttér News Service (http://hatter.hu/hirszolgalat)

2006 Publishing of the book Surgeries of the Soul summarizing the  research on transsexuals of the association, edited by Judit Takács.

2007 The first extensive LGBT research in Hungary, organized by the association, summarized in a publication.

2007-2009 Active involvement, lobby activity for the legislation of registered partnership in Hungary.

2008 Successful lobby activity of the association for the inclusion of sexual orientation in the legislation of hate crime.

2008 The staff of Háttér Archive visits the IHLIA-Homodok, Amsterdam, the biggest European LGBT archive and library.

2009 Launch of the website Report Homophobia to help reporting homophobic acts.

2010 Second LGBT research of the association.

2011 Renewal of website of the association. www.hatter.hu.

2011-2012 Cooperation between Háttér Archive and IHLIA-Homodok, and active involvement in the OpenUp Project.

2012 Launching the LGBTQI community building program in the countryside, as well as a strategic litigation program,  supported by the OSI (Open Society Institute)

2012 The US Embassy grants Háttér Society the Active Citizenship Award, which recognizes organizations actively and selflessly acting for the community

2012 The staff of Háttér Archive attends the international LGBTI Archive and Library, Museum and Special conference (LGBTI ALMS 2012)

2013 The first LGBT History Month organized together with Labrisz Lesbian Association

2013 Strategic plan of Háttér accepted for 2013-2015

2013 The name of the Association is changed to Háttér Society.

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