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Tamás Mátai

Mátai Tamás

supervisor, Counselling Service

Psychologist, he received his degree from the University of Pécs (2012, MA), where he is also a lecturer teaching students of mental hygiene. He practices integrative hypnotherapy, he received his certificate in 2015. He used to work in the corporate sphere as an economist (2005, Corvinus University of Budapest, MSc). He has been volunteering at Háttér Society since 2005, he first worked as a hotline operator at the Information and Counselling Hotline, then participated in the training of operators covering modules on psychopathology, nonviolent communication and practical training on receiving calls. As one of the founders of the Counselling Service in 2014 he participated in developing the idea and operational structure of the service. Since then he has been responsible for training, supervising and supporting counsellors. His professional interests include anxiety, mood disorders and crisis situations. 


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