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Anti-LGBTI hate crime in Europe

Anti-LGBTI hate crime in Europe

This publication is a product of conference papers delivered at the conference “Breaking the Barriers” (September 2018), other work by authors who presented there, as well as many valuable discussions that ensued after each of the sessions. The conference was a concluding event of the two-year project Come Forward: Empowering and Supporting Victims of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes, co-financed by the European Commission.

The present volume seeks to serve as a resource for scholars, policy makers and practitioners at both country and European levels. It provides new perspectives on various aspects of hate crime and considers an extensive range of themes, from training needs to the emerging topic of violence against intersex people. To ensure that the information is accessible to a broad range of readers, issues are presented in a variety of formats: academic papers, legal analyses, practice-based papers and even an interview.

February 2019
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